Saturday, 19 December 2009


 -15% sale on all clothes, this Sunday only.


-15% alennusta kaikista vaatteista, vain tänä sunnuntaina.

Muovo at Lux

Functional, Finnish & fab, by home-grown design team Muovo.


Suomalaista muotoilua Muovolta!

Friday, 11 December 2009


Telephone number temporarily out of service. Please e-mail us.
Numeromme on tilapäisesti poissa käytöstä. Saat meidät parhaiten kiinni sähköpostilla.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Startas and Jobotichi

Yes we really do do colours. I wasnt bragging on facebook for nuthin! The latest addition in colour are the fab Startas trainers from Croatia. With an illustrious past as the official Yugoslavian sports shoe, and defenitely a bright future, as they come in a multitude of prints and patterns, even ribbons. We have a neat small selection and styles are available to order. For more see their 

We also have the most delightful selection of robots in, also from Croatia. Each individual is recycled and therefore unique.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Feathers, Acrylic, Paper, Recycled Materials & Porcelain

If you missed the Christmas fairs, here is your second chance to find some unique hand made Christmas gifts, or just spoil yourself with some lovely treasures from designers such as feather accessories designer Sara Fabel,  Meri Malmi scarves, Kaamos Group jewelry and many others, to warm hearts during the dark winter months!

We also have more of the popular rabbit head necklaces and a some previously unseen pieces from Me Me Me. 

The next TitiMadam shipment will be here this week,  and dont forget that if you cant find your pet, we can order them for you.


Jos missasit joulumyyjäisiä, Luxissa saat toisen mahdollisuuden ostaa suomalaisten suunnittelijoiden parhaita paloja joulupakettiin tai itsellesi. Sara Fabelin sulkapinnit ja rintakorut, Meri Malmin upeat kierrätyshuivit, Kaamos Groupin omaperäiset korut ja monet muut talven pimeyden iloksi!

Myös suosittuja pupukoruja ja muita uutuuksia on saatu taas Me Me Me:lta.

Uusi TitiMadam lähetys saapuu tällä viikolla vihreään vitriiniin, ja muistathan jos et löydä lemmikkiäsi voimme tilata sinulle toivomasi korun.